The amount of money flooding elections this year in Oregon has become obscene and absurd. Oregon is one of only 11 states with no campaign finance limits, even though 82% of Oregonians voted in favor of a constitutional amendment allowing for campaign limits in 2020; so far every effort has been defeated by insiders.  No wonder experts say this year's governor's race will be the most expensive in history.  

Here's why I am running for Governor:  

To offer voters an alternative to the major candidates who are all feeding from the same trough of big money. 

To protect your right to vote. I am also a strong proponent of Ranked Choice Voting (more info at Fairvote.org); motorvoter and online voter registration, voting on holidays and voting-by-mail (well documented to be an extremely secure way to vote).  We need to make the electoral process easier for people to access, not more difficult.  If you can shop and pay your taxes online and by mail, you can certainly vote online and by mail.

To recreate a vibrant democracy. Substantial reforms are necessary. Implementing those reforms will require that officials at all levels of government be accountable to the people electing them. Robust, free and democratic societies emerge from dynamic community involvement.

To restore a healthy commons. Our economic system concentrates unprecedented wealth and power in the hands of a very few. Violence, illness, and oppression rob the many of the opportunity to thrive. Our democratic system, the cornerstone of our party’s philosophy, continues to erode. As a society we extract resources from and dump waste into our environment at an unsustainable pace. We risk collapse of the ecosystem on which we depend unless we immediately and dramatically change our ways.

To end business as usual in Oregon. I endorsed the Prevent Gun Violence initiative and collected signatures to help put it on the ballot. I am a long-time champion of Campaign Finance regulations. Our climate change crisis requires a Green Governor to take dramatic action. Oregon's 2020 fires and pandemics were only a taste of what is to come - and this is NOT going to get better with business as usual. 

To demonstrate that together and with courage and commitment we can overcome the challenges facing our great State of Oregon, our nation and the world. Together we can change the course of our state to create a better future for ourselves and for generations to follow.

Vote for Pacific Green Party candidate Nathalie Paravicini, ND, for Governor of Oregon. 



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