We rely on you, actual voters. Donate what you can to support the democratic process

We need to instill a culture where people are paid fair wages for their work, particularly for creative folk (artists, scientists) and essential workers.

Likewise, if we want to grow alternative parties and movements to topple the stronghold of a few plutocrats on the fate of our planet; we need to invest in those movements.  We need to pay for organizers to create the structure so volunteers and people like you can mobilize. 

It is time to value that work; contribute generously because the world depends on it.

Contributions will be used to:

1)  Produce leaflets for door-to-door canvassing and GET OUT THE VOTE

2)  Produce merchandise to increase visibility for the campaign

3)  Purchase lists and contract services for phone banking

5)  Pay for the website and fair wages for professionals hired to produce materials





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