Meet and greet, collect signatures and organize!

In order to have my candidate statement I must collect 500 signatures or pay $3500 by August 30.  The Secretary of State can confirm validation of signatures if they are submitted by August 16; so that is our deadline. 

As of Sunday Aug 7 we have 503 signatures!!  We need to push it to 560-600 signatures to make sure to have enough validated signatures.  Get your neighbors to sign and send your sheet!

Join us next Sunday, Aug 14, 4-7pm to meet and organize for the campaign.  To get the address, you need to register below (it is a private address)

To collect signatures:  the key is to speak with as many people as posible - a numbers game.  So best is going to places with a high volume of people like events at the park or people waiting in line.

The main question people have is "I thought the statements were printed already". 

Answer is: "No, for each statement the candidate (or group) must either collect signatures or pay money, sometimes up to $3500 (as is the case for the race for Governor)

95% of people are OK allowing for information to be available with voters.  Don't try to argue with folk, just move on.  To sign people need to ber registered to vote in OR (Make sure to take enough water with you)

It is OK to collect only a few signatures with your work colleagues, neighbors and family - we are all in this together - just report how many you have to keep a tally

Candidate statement petition form - print both sides or staple them (up to 5 sheets at a time)

GREAT SIGNATURE GATHERING EVENTS (PDX) - if you go to any the candidate will be at, please text them at 503-953-9003 and bring 2 clipboards and pens - they can provide signature sheets.


We are going to use the race to effect change. 

In Portland: we will be canvassing for the candidates of East County Rising, in particular for JoAnn Hardesty - wearing Green Party buttons.  These are important races where we can have an impact and show up for our allies.  IN addition we plan on organizing special Green Party events (phone banking, fundraising, canvassing) that will also allow us to meet each other and organize.

Please email [email protected] if you are already working on those campaigns so we can send you a button; or to indicate your interest.

Statewide:  we are going to use the campaign to build our social media presence and put information out.  If you want to form a local please contact [email protected]; we will put you in touch with folk in your watershed.  If you like to write or create, please send us a message.

We have a team that is going to be creating videos and other material; we are looking for talent and folk savvy with social media.

Podcast on Campaign Finance Reform/Money in politics:  there is a team working on a podcast series on this unending and juicy subject with a focus on environmental justice - We are Looking for charismatic hosts!!  Email [email protected] if interested.

See you on Sunday Aug 14!!

August 14, 2022 at 4:00pm - 7pm
Party HQ
Nathalie Paravicini ·

Will you come?

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